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my course…

Posted in news, Queens on July 9, 2007 by Phil Alcorn

Well, some news to report, I believe a decision has been made. After much deliberation, I’ve decided to stay with my current course of Maths with Computer Science. For those who are unaware, I had decided a while ago to change my current course to study Computer Science, but due to recent developments, and signs, i believe, i think i shall be sticking with my current course. If you’re at all interested why, feel free to ask me 🙂


Chemical spill at Queens

Posted in news, Queens on June 29, 2007 by Phil Alcorn

There was a chemical spill at my uni today the medical biology building. Apparantly there were 12 fire engines there initially (so i heard… may well be an exaggerated amount…). The BBC news article can be seen here, and my friend managed to get some good shots, check out his flickr page (he’s an awesome photographer aside from anything else!)

You can see the contamination tent in this one. Apparantly they’re taking the whole process very slowly as its so serious. I first heard about it on the 6o’clock news, according to connor they were still there as of an hour ago…