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Whispers of my soul, this night…

Posted in Uncategorized on July 14, 2010 by Phil Alcorn

Time will not slow down…
Second by second, the moments tick away
Drawing me ever nearer
Nearer to that which terrifies me.

What am I?
I’m nothing but a small boy
A small boy lost in the woods
A small boy stumbling blindly along

Only You can guide me
You, and only You, have ever been the One to pull me through
I throw myself at Your mercy
I throw myself at Your feet

I’m nothing but a small boy
Lost, and alone, and afraid
Afraid of that which is stalking me
Which threatens to crush and consume me

But Daddy, on Your shoulders I ride tall
In Your arms I am secure
In Your grace I am free
And in Your love I am found

Please, be my shield once more
I cannot face these trials alone
I am nothing but a small boy
But in You, I shall overcome
In You, and You alone
I am at peace