Ok. Something new. Something unexpected. Something that may well fall flat on its face, though I hope it doesn’t.

I’m looking for interaction from YOU. Yes, you. You, reading this blog, right now. I am looking for you to leave a comment to this post. And in that comment, I am asking you to say what the word ‘hope’ means to you. And I for one certainly hope you take me up on this challenge…

Thanks guys. Peace out.


12 Responses to “Interaction…”

  1. Hope for me means holding out for something that will be good or even better than what you have now or a wish that something good has happened – like, I hope that you had a great time in Morocco!

  2. hope.. means believing that things can change, life can get better, sweeter, that those moments that come that are the most beautiful can come again and that we can share all of this with those we hold closest. hope is feeling that this world is not all there is and knowing that God keeps his promises. knowing that even when hard times come they are for something, teaching us something…
    hope is the best feeling in the world, but it also ‘deals the hardest blow’ 🙂

  3. hope is having a God who delights in making old things new and making impossible things possible. one who delights in making a valley of dead bones a living army…

    … translated into real life it is a desperate clinging… because it’s a refusal to accept the alternative. there IS hope.

  4. Hope: the belief that despite how bad things may seem, or despite how things are, that there is something to look forward to or for. An encouraging word. An inspiring word. A word. A name. A belief. An example would be – that you hope that greater things are still to come and still to be done. I hope that makes sense…

  5. Victoria Says:

    Hope. Difficult thing to explain, yet so intrinsically important. I think that there is a secular hope, and the hope held by a believer in Christ. I think that they are very different things, for hope in Christ is certain, and WILL NOt fail us. I think hope is a gift from God that should be treasured, for without hope from Him, then what gives us strength to wake up the next day . It is hope that comforts me when I go to bed and lie awake wondering ‘what is the point in this?’ Hope provides a certain trust that means that I accept His will as perfect, and know that he will give me the strength for just one more day, just long enough for me to know his hope again.

    I lost hope recently. Well, a while back actually, but I didn’t realise it was missing until a couple of weeks ago I got confused with secular hope, which is NOT certain, entirely down to chance. No wonder I was confused, feeling more than a little apathetic, and a little lost too.

    I forgot that hope is in Christ alone. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

    Don’t know if you followed that at all, or even if it made sense. But I try to always say waht I feel, without thinking too much, lest my become clouded with stuff I don’t really mean.

  6. ‘Hope can set you free’

  7. to hope.

    to hope means to live. to live life out everyday to the fullest. hope for the future, hope for the best, hope for love. Our HOPE is in Jesus Christ. Our LIFE is in Jesus Christ. Our SOUL is in Jesus Christ. Christ gives us hope.

    hope. its what i have. it’s what drives me to live.

  8. p.s.

    i like your new layout.

  9. “Hope deals the hardest blows”

  10. Caroline Says:

    That’s a very interesting question, i have been thinking a lot about hope the last while. Like, what are the implications of a belief in hope for those who claim to follow Jesus…
    To me i think it means freedom, the freedom to be in pain and to hurt and cry, because there is hope that ‘rejoicing will come with the morning’. The strength to keep fighting your way thru the dark…the ability to laugh and dance and sing really loud. Hope…summer nights bring hope…so do little kids laughin and really good books. Hope means that the desire deep inside all of us, the craving for more than this C21st world of careers and money and success, that longing for truth and love and freedom which is so strong sometimes it hurts…is actually more than a fairytale…

  11. Phil Alcorn Says:

    Dear Phil Alcorn,
    Hope to me means Hatikvah, the hope, the national anthem of
    Israel, and the dreams and aspirations of the Jewish nation.

    Phil Alcorn

  12. Hope is the belief that things can change and improve, hope keeps you moving forward, and prevents you from looking back.

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